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Jade Homa


Jade Homa

Jade exists: a conflict theorist, intersectional feminist, lesbian poet, and editor-in-chief of Blue Literary Magazine & Storm of Blue Press. At age 20, she has already penned her debut poetry book, growing pains, and is in the process of accumulating enough heartbreak for a second collection.


Jade’s work primarily focuses on themes of open vulnerability, mental illness, queerness, sexuality, and political activism; said work has been published in BlazeVOX, Anti-Heroin Chic, Moonglasses Magazine, Voice of Eve, and GlitterShip Podcast, among other publications. In her spare time, Jade works as a social media intern for Sinister Wisdom & manifests her gay agenda via the Rainbow Artist Alliance. 

lead multimedia editor

Nat Raum

Nat Raum (she/her) is a 24-year-old bisexual writer, bartender, and multimedia artist based in Baltimore, MD. Her practice centers around creating books and zines as a means to communicate overwhelming emotions, troubled states of mind, and deep dark secrets. She has self-published three artist books and has plans for many more. Nat is also the founder of Darkside Collective, an online space for emerging artists in all disciplines to receive feedback on their work, and Fifth Wheel Press, a small photobook press that publishes women and non-binary lens-based artists. When Nat is not making art, she is behind the bar or lying in a hot bath watching Daria. 

lead poetry editor

Rebecca Llewellyn

Rebecca is an 18-year-old emerging poet whose other interests include politics, feminism, cats, &, in the words of post malone, ‘bumping fall out boy.’ Her poetry is typically inspired by songs, emotions both fleeting and prolonged, the changing of the seasons, and the current political climate.

lead digital editor

Ale Rosales

Ale Rosales (she/they) is a mexican leftist lesbian. Her cat, Suh, is both the love of her life and the bane of her existence. She is the EIC for Chaparral Press, a leftist press for BIPOC writers/artists. Her work has previously been published in The Alcalá Review and The Fruit Tree. If you want to be her friend on Animal Crossing New Horizons, her friend code is 2809-7216-2695.


You can find her on twitter @sorginale. You can also find her zines at

multimedia editor

Riley Duemler

Riley Duemler (she/her) is seventeen. She does photo manipulation and cries over unnecessary things. She dyes her hair to make herself feel better, and identifies as bisexual. She loves Arizona rainstorms, the highway at night, songs named after places, and iced caramel macchiatos. She also writes but graphic design is where her future is headed.