the blue team

Jade Homa


Jade exists: a conflict theorist, intersectional feminist, lesbian poet, and editor-in-chief of Blue Literary Magazine & Storm of Blue Press. At age 20, she has already penned her debut poetry book, growing pains, and is in the process of accumulating enough heartbreak for a second collection.


Jade’s work primarily focuses on themes of open vulnerability, mental illness, queerness, sexuality, and political activism; said work has been published in BlazeVOX, Anti-Heroin Chic, Moonglasses Magazine, Voice of Eve, and GlitterShip Podcast, among other publications. In her spare time, Jade works as a social media intern for Sinister Wisdom & manifests her gay agenda via the Rainbow Artist Alliance. 

Yasmin Attar Olyaee

Creative Director

Yasmin Attar Olyaee (she/her) is an 18-year-old Iranian immigrant. She immigrated to Washington State as a fifth grader. She is passionate about politics and working with her community, which led to her becoming involved in her local teen center (as part of their youth board). There she has been involved in events such as diversity movie nights, fundraisers for animal shelters, and art shows for local students. 


In her own artistic work, she juxtaposes the hardness and softness of life with politically orientated artwork and paintings that surround the distinct shapes of different flowers and clouds. Her work has previously been shown in local teen centers and museums. 

Rebecca Llewellyn

Head Poetry Editor and

Social Media Director

Rebecca is an 18-year-old emerging poet whose other interests include politics, feminism, cats, &, in the words of post malone, ‘bumping fall out boy.’ Her poetry is typically inspired by songs, emotions both fleeting and prolonged, the changing of the seasons, and the current political climate.

Riley Duemler

Head Multimedia Editor

Riley Duemler (she/her) is seventeen. She does photo manipulation and cries over unnecessary things. She dyes her hair to make herself feel better, and identifies as bisexual. She loves Arizona rainstorms, the highway at night, songs named after places, and iced caramel macchiatos. She also writes but graphic design is where her future is headed.

Ale Rosales

Head Digital Editor

Ale Rosales (she/they) is a mexican leftist lesbian. Her cat, Suh, is both the love of her life and the bane of her existence. She is the EIC for Chaparral Press, a leftist press for BIPOC writers/artists. Her work has previously been published in The Alcalá Review and The Fruit Tree


You can find her on twitter @sorginale. You can also find her zines at

other editors and regular contributors

Chloe [poetry editor] is a 21-year-old nonbinary poet, creator, & stylist. They hate everything except: vegan cheesecake, the destruction of capitalism, that gay shit, fellow water signs, roller derby, mediocre men, extraordinary women, nonbinary people who are too good for them, the exact color of sea foam, Jade, & other members of the og 2608 target beauty team.

Jules Larsen [zine editor] is a multi-genre artist and singer-songwriter from Southern California. Jules has a sweet tooth and a passion for sad gay storytelling through music, poems, and prose. 

mary e [poetry & book reviewer] (they/she) is a queer poet with a complicated relationship to labels, stemming from their childhood as the oldest sibling in a large catholic family. they watch more sports than you might expect, but can rarely sit through movies (blame the adhd). highways to their heart include iced coffee, smooth blue pens, ridiculous tv comedy, & music/poetry/stories that tug their feelings out of their chest. 

their work attempts to untangle webs of family, love, queerness, growing up religious, & righteous anger. said work has won the Sister Ritamary Bradley Award for Research on Women and Gender & has been published in Quercus Literary JournalRose Quartz Magazine, & Satin Soul Bits (among others). you can find mary on instagram, twitter, & tumblr @maryewrites.

Rhea Blackmoore [book reviewer] (she/they), writing under a pseudonym, are a queer writer of fiction, poetry, and prose with a long-standing passion for reading stories and telling them. With a soft spot for books, strawberries, cats (despite allergies), and enamel pins, they love discussing their favorite poetry and fiction via their Instagram. At twenty years old, they are slowly working toward assembling multiple book projects, learning to enthusiastically discuss their passions, and achieving self-love. 

Robyn [poetry & opinion editor] (she/her) is a seventeen year old lesbian writer and poet who sometimes feels just the right amount of emotion to create something. She blogs under the pseudonym of Alix and is a study influencer @alixstudies. Robyn has previously had work published in Shout Magazine and is currently working on too many projects to count. You can often find her brainstorming unrelated ideas, or analyzing incredible poetry for fun.